St Paul MN Property Goes From Staged To CLOSED in less than 5 weeks!

St Paul MN Property Goes From Staged To CLOSED in less than 5 weeks!

The real estate market in the St Paul/Minneapolis metroarea is heating up and this staged home took advantage of that uptick in buyer activity.  This house  sold just days after I staged it and it is going to CLOSE tomorrow.  From staged to closed in under 5 weeks!

Imagine…no more mortgage payment, no more utilities to pay, no more property tax, no more costly vacant property insurance.  The very reasonable staging cost was more than made up with the quick close.

Homeowners sometimes forget to factor in the cost of doing nothing when they look at staging costs.  Staging this house  saved these homeowners thousands of dollars and gave priceless peace of mind.

Loft space after homestaging photo.

Oh, now I see how to use the space..Love it!

This property has some spaces that would be hard for buyers to visualize if left un-staged.  For example, the 2nd floor loft is very long, and has sloping ceilings.  It also has dormers and a staircase that breakup the floor plan. Left un-staged buyers would likely have figured it was too choppy to be very useful.


Stage Homed sold in less than five weeks

Awkward spaces benefit greatly from home staging.

Look what staging did for the space! Buyers can easily see how a queen size bed and two night tables fit easily under the low sloped ceiling. They can visualize a nice comfortable seating area at the end of the space, and the area that is separated from the rest of the room due to the staircase makes a nice office space.   It must have worked.  Selling properties in Minnesota in February is not the easiest thing to accomplish…but we did it!

If your property has rooms that might baffle a buyer, consider having it staged.  Staging is remarkably affordable, and can be done in a matter of days.  If you live in the Twin Cities metro area I encourage you to give me call at 651.587.5887 to discuss your project or contact me by email

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