Property Goes From Staged to Sold in 7 Days!

Property Goes From Staged to Sold in 7 Days!

The real estate market is hot in St Paul, Minnesota! Smart sellers are taking advantage of this long anticipated market improvement…they are preparing their property for the market, not leaving things to chance.

Here are 7 important steps to take to get your property SOLD fast

  1. Hire an experienced real estate agent that is familiar with your neighborhood
  2. Make all necessary repairs
  3. Clear out items that will distract buyers attention (in this case dated furniture)
  4. Clean the property thoroughly
  5. Price the property competitively
  6. Say yes to every showing request
  7. Stage the property to appeal to your target buyer

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A couple of weeks ago I worked with a really nice couple that were about to put their property on the market.  They had been in the property for many, many years and would be the first to admit that home decorating was not high on their priority list.

The location, size, and selling price of this property made it perfect for young families. Some of their furniture was Early American style, and would not appeal to the young families.

I know, at this point many of you are thinking, well they aren’t buying the house furnished so why should it matter?  I can’t tell you for certain why it matters…but I can tell you emphatically that it does.  Home buying is not just a rational decision, it is an emotional decision.  Most of us have fond memories of our grandparents homes and the homes we were raised in.  But that doesn’t mean we want a house that looks like them; We want a house that reflects us.

Since getting the home sold fast was on their priority list they took their real estate agents advice and called me.

We toured the property together and talked about the changes that would make the property appeal to a young couple with children…their target buyer.  On the positive side, the home was solid, clean and uncluttered. On the negative side we had some strong colors in some of the bedrooms, some rooms that were not clearly defined, and some dated furniture that would distract buyers.

We used some of their furniture and accessories and some of the furniture and accessories that I had in my staging inventory. We were able to give the property a comfortable contemporary feel without replacing everything.

One thing that I would like to draw your attention to is the sofa.  Staging is NOT about drawing attention to the furnishings, it is about drawing positive attention to the space.  None of the furniture that is used in the room is expensive.  It is the layout and the simplicity that give the room staged appeal.

Lighting  is another inexpensive and quick fix that can make an incredible difference in the way a property presents. The light fixtures in the house were dated.  The home owners replaced several fixtures…the transformation that occurred in the bathroom by just changing the light fixture was amazing.  I could kick myself for not getting a before  and after picture.

I am thrilled to tell you that all of their hard work and their  investment in home  staging paid off.  This Stilllwater, Minnesota property went from STAGED  to SOLD in one week.


5 Things You Should Know Before Scheduling A Home Staging Consultation

5 Things You Should Know Before Scheduling A Home Staging Consultation

Are you getting ready to put your home up for sale? If so you may be wondering about the value and feasibility of hiring a professional home stager  to do a staging consultation .  I run a successful home staging business in St Paul, Minnesota and I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners get their properties ready for the market.  Here are some things to consider as you make the decision about whether a home staging consultation would be a wise investment for you.

 5 Things You May Not Know About Staging Consultations

  1.  It’s Not Always a Major Renovation.  The HGTV and TLC channels are full of home staging shows that are wonderfully creative and entertaining. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Get It Sold, or Designed To Sell I would recommend that you tune in for inspiration.  These programs can produce jaw dropping results, but they can be a little misleading. The shows always take on a major renovation. It makes for good TV! Walls are always painted, sometimes they are torn down. New furniture is often brought in, and sometimes whole kitchens are remodeled.  Watching the shows may scare you away from scheduling a home staging consultation.  Don’t be deterred. Most properties do not require major work to see a major improvement. Don’t let the fear of a laundry list of expensive home improvements keep you from hiring a stager.
  2. Your Home Does Not Have to Be Uncomfortable to Appeal To Buyers.  Sometimes home owners are reluctant to bring in a homestager because they are afraid that the home will be so pared down that it will no longer be comfortable for them to live in.  While there are often some compromises to be made when you are trying to appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers a skilled home stager will help you hit the perfect balance of comfort and visual appeal
  3. Staging Will Get You On The Market Faster.  Maybe you’re concerned that having a staging plan developed for your property will result in a laundry list of tasks and will slow your progress getting the property on the market.  Actually the opposite is true.  A professional house stager will be able to separate the must-haves from the nice-to-dos.  You will know what projects are worth your effort and which might be nice to have but are not critical.  You will also be given advice on which projects must be done before the listing goes on the market, and which can be handled while the property is listed.  Additionally, if your budget allows, hiring a stager to do some of the hands-on work for you can get you on the market in lightening speed.
  4. A Staged Home Is Easier to Keep in Show Condition.  Part of the process of stagmessy desk and counter toping will be getting the property decluttered and streamlined.  It just makes sense that it is faster to wipe down a counter top that is free of clutter, and easier to pick up at the end of the day when the drawers and closets are not filled to capacity.  It is also nice to have a checklist on hand to remind you about the things that should be done everyday to keep the house ready to show.  A little effort everyday is much easier to handle than crisis clean-up.
  5. Home Staging Is Very Affordable and Provides Excellent Return on Investment.  Of course, staging costs will vary by region and by stager.  In the Midwest, where I practice, a home staging consultation generally costs $100 – $200 dollars.  In a recent study, home staging was shown to provide around a 300% return on investment.  Hard to argue with that!

For more information about getting your property ready for the market you can download my free home staging e-book, or check out the many staging articles available on my blog.

Staging a Home; Let’s Talk Curb Appeal

Staging a Home; Let’s Talk Curb Appeal

Twin Cities Staging Professional Christi Bond answers seller’s question “What Is Homestaging?” with real life examples, tips, suggestions, and warnings…and she does it one room at a time.

In today’s House Staging lesson we will turn our attention to the importance of maximizing your properties curb appeal.

Curb appeal may seem like a funny topic for a St Paul, Minnesota house staging professional to write about at the beginning of February when we are blanketed in snow and whatever is in the yard is frozen in place.  Here’s the thing.  February is to the seasonal calendar as Wednesday is to the workweek.  On February 1st Minnesotans celebrate the survival of the first part of the torment (December and January), and get ready to welcome spring in just a few short months. February 1st is our hump day, the top of the bell curve, the promise of spring.  For those of us in the real estate field February is also the perfect time to start preparing for a vigorous spring market.

 “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” 

I think everyone understands that curb appeal is an important component in attracting buyers.  But I don’t think everyone understands that it is not something that you either have or don’t have.  Like the Maybelline slogan suggests, a little touch here, a little touch there, and you can have a different look all together.

A little paint and clean-up can make a big difference in curb appeal.

This is an excellent illustration of how a few simple changes can make an incredible impact on how the property looks.

 Ten Affordable Home Staging Tips for Creating Great Curb Appeal

  1. Update the light fixtures on the front of the house if they are worn or dated.  Sometimes all you need to do is take them down and give them a fresh coat of spray paint
  2. The front door is very important since buyers will be standing there waiting for the property to be opened.  Make sure the paint color is appropriate and in good condition.  How does the hardware look?  I have seen doors painted in Viking Purple and Gold…had to go, and I have seen doors completely transformed by adding a brass kick plate, fabulous!
  3. Add a planter of fresh flowers or evergreens/pinecones to the entry. Try to pick up the color of the front door or the color of the house in your arrangement
  4. Move the garbage bin and recycling bins inside the garage and keep the garage door down at all times.  Lots of buyers cruise neighborhoods looking for available properties. 
  5. Check for wear and tear.  Look at the paint on the window trim, the condition of the mail box, check the condition of the fence. 
  6. If your driveway is asphalt consider applying a sealant if the surface is faded
  7. Powerwash the property if it is dusty or grimy or the sidewalk or driveway is soiled.  Store trailers, RV’s, boats, motorcycles etc off-site.
  8. Pay special attention to the front stoop. Look up for cobwebs, add a fresh door mat, make sure everything you see says “this house has been well maintained.”  Don’t forget to check to make sure the doorbell works
  9. Make sure your house numbers are visible from the street
  10. Make sure your lawn and bedding areas are in great shape 

Home staging is one of the best investments of time and money you can make when preparing your home for market.

If you live in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area and would like the help of a professional home stager I’d be happy to help you with your project. If you have questions relating to this post, or about how to stage your home please drop me a comment and I will do my best to respond quickly. You may contact me by email or call me at 651.587.5887.

There are more articles about How to Sell a Vacant Home through Staging on Christi’s blog. You can also download my free eBook: “Lighting the Way to a Fast and Profitable Sale: Tips and Advice from a Professional Home Stager“.