A Top Rated Home Stager In Twin Cities Wants a Do-Over

A Top Rated Home Stager In Twin Cities Wants a Do-Over

Power of A Business Name AAA


The Home Staging Coaches, An A Rated Staging Expert In The Twin Cities  Has Regrets

 Wishes  Her Business Name was AAAmazing Transformations by The Home Staging Coaches

Why do I wish that I had named my business AAAmazing Transformations by the Home Staging Coaches?  Because when your name starts with an A…or better yet with three or four A’s, you get more attention…and what small business owner doesn’t love attention?

For example:  Angie’s List has 69 Home Staging Businesses in their Twin Cities data base.

  • Of those 69 only about 15% have client reviews
  • Of that 15% only 10 have reviews from an Angie’s List member giving them an A rating
  • I am happy to tell you that I am on the short list, with both customers reviews, and an A rating

When someone does a Google search for Twin Cities Home Staging Businesses  Angie’s List pops up to indicate that they have  home staging businesses in their database. The problem is only two business names are included in the Google results…and they both start with A. It looks something like this:

Saint Paul Home Stager Reviews you can Trust | Angie’s List | Best ..

  • Abode Design
  • Al   Theilson

Unless you are an Angie’s List paid subscriber you can’t get into Angie’s List database to see that The Home Staging Coaches (me!) is rated superior in service and price by her customers.  But if I was AAAmazing Transformations I would show up on the list before Abode..or Al Theilson.  Then even non Angie’s List members could learn about my business and  call me  to manage their Real Estate Staging project. 

That is why in my next life I am going to call my business AAAmazing-Transformations…or AAAhomestaging, or something starting with at least 3 A’s.

If you live in the Minneapolis or St Paul metro area and would like the help of a professional home stager I’d be happy to help you with your project.  I’ll give you A+ results even thought my business name starts with T.  You can read lots of comments from my satisfied customers right here on my website … who needs for you to get into Angie’s List! Please contact me by email or by phone at 651.587.5887 if I can assist you with your Home Staging or Room Makeover projects.


Staging…It’s A Balancing Act

Staging…It’s A Balancing Act

There are two common mistake that I see frequently when I do home staging consultations in the St Paul and Minneapolis area .

The first is too much furniture and stuff…it needs to be pulled out because it is distracting to prospective buyers. Remember, many buyers are moving because they have run out of space. A cluttered property just reminds them that they will run into the same problem in this house. So what do they do? They keep looking until they find the home that appears to take care of itself!  (Hint..that would be the perfectly staged home!)

The second is the opposite extreme, everything has been packed away and the property comes off as cold and uninviting.

nicely edited living room

Take a look at the picture above. Here is why it works:
• the sofa complements the shape of the window and draws attention to it (the window is the best feature in the room)
• the lamps add softness to the seating area and offset the chilly feeling you can sometimes have in a room with very high ceilings
• the pillows and throws make the space cozy
• This is an open concept floor plan, The area rug helps to define a seating zone within a much larger space
• plants, photos, books, candles all add warmth without adding too much personality
The goal of home staging is to pull the clutter out of a property while keeping it warm and welcoming. It can be challenging to get just the right mix. Hiring a professional home stager is the best way to make sure that the perfect balance is achieved.
My staging consultation fee is only $150. “Well worth it,” is a comment I frequently hear from satisfied sellers.

Video Sampler of Amazing Transformations

A video tour of before and after photos demonstrating how Home Staging can make an amazing transformation to your room.