Home Staging: Did Your  Realtor Bring Up The Topic?

Home Staging: Did Your Realtor Bring Up The Topic?

Selecting the Right Real Estate Professional

The decision you make about who will help you to market your property is a critical one.   You need to know that you can trust the professional that is handling this important emotional, financial and legal transaction for you. You are looking for a professional that:

  • Presents you with a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Understands your neighborhood/market area
  • Responds to your inquiries quickly and completely
  • Tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear
  • Stays current and understands emerging trends such as the importance of staging your property for sale.

If your real estate professional has talked to you about the importance of  preparing your property for the market, that is a clear sign that he or she is in touch with a major trendthe importance of staging your property for the marketplace.

Setting the Right Price

From conversations I have had with many real estate professionals over the years I have learned that pricing the property correctly is the number one factor in getting a property sold quickly. You can stage a property to perfection…but if it isn’t priced correctly it will not sell. It is absolutely critical that you price the house appropriately for the market right from the start.  Why?  There are a couple reasons:

  1. Your property will draw the most attention in the first weeks of listing. If the property is priced too high you will not get as many requests for showings as you would have received if the property was priced correctly.
  2. Once a property is on the market for awhile, buyers will think you are anxious to sell, and their offer price will reflect that.

It is important that you select a real estate professional that you have trust in, and that you trust his or her recommendation for selling price.  Even if your home is staged perfectly and in excellent repair if you go in with a price higher than the market will support, you are likely to have your property linger for a long time.

I work with many excellent Real Estate Professionals that are very aware of the importance of staging a property to sell.  If you need a referral I am happy to help.

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Staging: Small Changes with Big Results

Staging: Small Changes with Big Results

Have you ever wondered, “Why Should I Stage My Property?”  You are not alone.  In my years as a professional Home Stager in St Paul,  I have met with  clients that were less than sold on the idea of homestaging, but went along with it because their Real Estate agent suggested that they do it.

When clients ask me the question; “Why Should I Stage My Property?”, I tell them to do it because some buyers are kind of lazy; if you make them work too hard, they will abandon you!

The bottom line is that many buyers do not have the patience or the skill to really appreciate a property that is not decorated well, or empty.  If they pull up a picture on the MLS of a property that looks  chaotic, dirty, dated or boring…they just move on to the next property.  CLICK!

I stage lots of vacant properties. Why? Because empty homes are not very interesting or informative to look at online.  Once they are staged, they are visually inviting and buyers can better understand the size of the room when they see it with furniture in it.

Take a look at these before and after photos to see what I mean.

An empty living room before staging.

 Before staging this living room looked tiny and difficult to arrange


Now buyers can imagine how they would use the space

Now buyers can imagine how they would use the space.

After home staging buyers can imagine how they would use the space.

Here is the same living room from a different angle. 

I bet you would never have guessed that the room was this large when you looked at the picture of it empty.  If your home is not showing well in pictures, consider having it staged.  Staging is remarkably affordable, and can be done in a matter of days.  If you live in the Twin Cities metro area I encourage you to give me call at 651.587.5887 to discuss your project or contact me by email 

I Have A Real Estate Agent; Do I Still Need a Home Stager?

I Have A Real Estate Agent; Do I Still Need a Home Stager?

Let me just say upfront, home staging is not rocket science, but by the same token not everyone has the skill to do it well.  I’ve heard staging skeptics make remarks such as, “Hey, if you want to pay me $150 to come over and tell you to turn the lights on for showings I will be right over.”

I will admit that some staging advice would fall into the category of common sense.  For example, a professional home stager will probably remind you to:

  • Take out the trash everyday so odors don’t build up in the property
  • Open the drapes (or remove them if out of style) to let in the light
  • Don’t let horizontal surfaces fill up with clutter
  • Turn on lights for showings

On my website I have a complete checklist of common sense things that a seller should do each and everyday to enable them to say yes to a showing at a moments notice.  I know it may seem like common sense to make your bed before leaving the house, but a gentle reminder in the form of a checklist can help make those new habits stick.

But what a good professional home stager will also do is look at your space objectively. He or she will be able to quickly identify the best feature in the room and determine if it is the first thing that catches a buyer’s attention when they walk into the room.  If it isn’t she will know what to do to remedy the situation.

She will have the ability to read the room quickly.  If there is too much furniture in the room she can quickly identify the pieces that should stay and what needs to go into storage.

A good home stager also keeps alerts to trends and design innovations.  Sometimes when you have been in a home for awhile you become numb to the décor.  I follow the trends so I know what will appeal to today’s buyers and what will turn them off.

Some Real Estate Agents have a very good idea of what needs to be done to make a property appeal to buyers.  The problem is that they want to keep you happy and keep your listing.  They might make a couple of recommendations, but then they stop.  Why? Because, you prefer to hear about what they like about your property rather than what they don’t like.

The Real Estate Agent wants to be your friend, and show their appreciation for your business.  They want to play the good cop. They call me in to be the bad cop!

Home staging is also referred to as real estate staging and property staging, and house staging.  No matter what you call it, it is a very good investment for anyone preparing their home for the market and it is a win, win, win scenario.

  •  You win by managing your time well. If you invest in home staging you will get specific advice about what changes will have the most impact on the saleability of your property. This will enable you to focus your limited time on the right things.
  •  The real estate agent wins because he or she has a quality product to take to the market,
  •  I win because I make a living doing work that I am passionate about and excel at.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area please give me a call at 651.587.5887 to schedule a staging consultation today. You can also reach me by email.

Free Home Staging eBook by Christi Bond

Free Home Staging eBook by Christi Bond

Advice and Tips from Professional Home Stager Christi Bond of St. Paul, MNNeed information, tips and advice on Home Staging? Professional Home Stager Christi Bond has written an eBook to provide just the information you need on staging your home for a quick and profitable sale. The eBook, entitled “Lighting the Way to a Fast and Profitable Sale: Tips and Advice from a Professional Home Stager” is available for immediate download here. You can also share Christi Bond’s eBook from your website. Learn more here.

About the Author:

Christi Bond lives in St Paul, Minnesota and is a recognized leader in the field of home staging and room makeovers.  She has been providing value added services to homeowners, real estate investors, and real estate agents for nearly seven years.

If you live in the twin cities metro area I would welcome the opportunity to share my staging, organizing and design expertise with you. I can be reached  by phone at 651.587.5887 or contact me by email.

I provide Home Staging and Room Makeover services in the greater Twin Cities metro.  Including but not limited to: White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi, Oakdale, Maplewood, North Oaks, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Hudson, Hastings, Hugo, Forest Lake, Columbia Heights, Highland Park, St Paul, Minneapolis, South St Paul, Apple Valley,  Minnesota

A Top Rated Home Stager In Twin Cities Wants a Do-Over

A Top Rated Home Stager In Twin Cities Wants a Do-Over

Power of A Business Name AAA


The Home Staging Coaches, An A Rated Staging Expert In The Twin Cities  Has Regrets

 Wishes  Her Business Name was AAAmazing Transformations by The Home Staging Coaches

Why do I wish that I had named my business AAAmazing Transformations by the Home Staging Coaches?  Because when your name starts with an A…or better yet with three or four A’s, you get more attention…and what small business owner doesn’t love attention?

For example:  Angie’s List has 69 Home Staging Businesses in their Twin Cities data base.

  • Of those 69 only about 15% have client reviews
  • Of that 15% only 10 have reviews from an Angie’s List member giving them an A rating
  • I am happy to tell you that I am on the short list, with both customers reviews, and an A rating

When someone does a Google search for Twin Cities Home Staging Businesses  Angie’s List pops up to indicate that they have  home staging businesses in their database. The problem is only two business names are included in the Google results…and they both start with A. It looks something like this:

Saint Paul Home Stager Reviews you can Trust | Angie’s List | Best ..

  • Abode Design
  • Al   Theilson

Unless you are an Angie’s List paid subscriber you can’t get into Angie’s List database to see that The Home Staging Coaches (me!) is rated superior in service and price by her customers.  But if I was AAAmazing Transformations I would show up on the list before Abode..or Al Theilson.  Then even non Angie’s List members could learn about my business and  call me  to manage their Real Estate Staging project. 

That is why in my next life I am going to call my business AAAmazing-Transformations…or AAAhomestaging, or something starting with at least 3 A’s.

If you live in the Minneapolis or St Paul metro area and would like the help of a professional home stager I’d be happy to help you with your project.  I’ll give you A+ results even thought my business name starts with T.  You can read lots of comments from my satisfied customers right here on my website … who needs for you to get into Angie’s List! Please contact me by email or by phone at 651.587.5887 if I can assist you with your Home Staging or Room Makeover projects.


Is my Twin Cities, MN property too small to stage?

Is my Twin Cities, MN property too small to stage?

How To Sell A House Fast; Musings from A St Paul, MN Professional Home Stager (vol.6)

Today’s Topic:  Is Staging Just for McMansions?

In today’s How–To-Sell-A-House Fast lesson we will talk about which properties will benefit from a small investment in Home Staging.  In my opinion whether a house is listed for $98,000 or $598,000 doesn’t matter.  It will benefit from staging.

I am biased. I admit it. As a professional home stager working in the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area I would love to see each and every home that hits the market get staged to sell.

Of course some of that is self interest.  I am a business woman, I sell staging services and my bottom line would greatly benefit from home staging becoming a norm and an expectation in the Twin Cities community.

But, it is also my deep felt belief that home buyers are customers, and they expect and deserve to be treated with high regard and respect.  As customers we are use to having things presented to us in the most satisfying way possible.   We are accustomed to being marketed to and we have come to expect it.

As you prepare your property for the market place keep in mind that you are out to attract customers. Then think about what your customer wants and needs.

3 Things Customers Want and Need

  1. To be drawn in.  Most buyers select the properties they want to tour from on-line listings.  Vacant rooms or messy/cluttered rooms don’t appeal. No problem, a click of the mouse will move the buyer on to the next property.  Tiny vacant homes are at an even greater disadvantage.
  2. Assurance. Buying a home is a huge commitment.  No one wants to end up with a lemon and a nicely maintained and thoughtfully presented home looks like a safer bet.
  3. Pizzazz. A home that reflects us and the lifestyle we aspire to.

Stage your home for your customers.Think about this for a second.  If you were selling your 8 year old Toyota would you spend a little time and a little money getting it cleaned up and polished before presenting it to prospective buyers.  I would.  If a cleaned up Toyota could net me a quick sale and a more attractive price than a similar Toyota that had fast food wrappers lining the floor of the back seat I’d invest a little time and effort into its presentation.  The point is, the asset doesn’t have to be the most expensive option in the marketplace to deserve a little TLC.

Another benefit of me investing a little time and money is that I know that buyers will automatically assume that my cleaned up Toyota was given better care over the course of its life than the messy Toyota my competitor is selling. Because it looks nice, buyers will assume that I had the oil changed regularly, that I invested time and money in its maintenance. People that come to see my car will feel much more confident making me an offer.

Some years ago it was assumed that only million dollar properties needed to be staged.  But times have changed.  Younger buyers are entering the market in droves right now to pick up value priced starter homes.  This generation has been exposed to slick marketing techniques since birth and put high value on first impression and how something reflects their desired lifestyle.  A vacant home will not talk to this audience.

Sometimes a really small homes
needs staging more than the McMansion does.
Without props a very small bedroom can be impossible for some buyers to visualize as large enough for their bed.

Consider staging it to meet your customer’s expectations and you will find that your property will sell fast and at the best possible price.

So now you know how to sell your small home FAST…You Stage it!

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and would like the help of a professional home stager I’d be happy to help you with your project.   If you have questions relating to this post, please drop me a comment and I will do my best to respond quickly. You may contact me by email or call me at 651.587.5887.

There are more articles about How to Sell a Vacant Home through Staging on Christi’s blog.

Staging Your Vacant Property – Furniture Solutions

Staging Your Vacant Property – Furniture Solutions

How To Sell A House Fast; Musings from A St Paul, MN Professional Home Stager (vol.5)

Today’s Topic:  Staging Your Vacant Property

In today’s How To Sell A House Fast lesson we will turn our attention to staging your vacant property.

Sometimes selling and buying homes is as complicated as learning the tango.  Maybe you found your dream home and your sellers would not even consider allowing for a contingent on sale clause.  Or maybe you were relocated, or redeployed, and an address change was part of the package.

No matter how it happened you now have two homes and only enough furniture to completely furnish one property.  That makes staging your vacant home more of a challenge.

Furniture solutions for vacant home staging in St. Paul, MN

Here Are 5 Potential Solutions for Furnishing Your Vacant Property

You could move and take all your furniture and accessories to your new home. The issue is that vacant homes do not show well and can linger a long time on the market.  There is nothing to engage buyers and every single flaw seems to have a spotlight shining on it.

You could leave the furniture in your old place for staging and get by with just a couple things in your new home.  This could be an expensive option if you are moving out of the area, but possible if you are moving only a short distance away.  The issue of course is that you will sacrifice a lot of comfort while you wait for your old property to secure an offer.

Vacant Home Staging Furniture SolutionsYou could try moving part of your furniture to your new home and leave some behind.  If you have good space planning and design sense you can make this work. Truthfully, I have rarely seen this done well without the help of a professional home stager.  I ran across an article the other day about using outdoor furniture inside.  An interesting idea, but I am not sure most people could pull it off. 

You can rent furniture to stage your old home and go ahead and get yourself settled in your new place. You would still need to purchase art, rugs, and accessories to make the home feel inviting, so this could turn out to be an expensive option for you.

You could hire a professional home stager. Some professional Home Stagers will rent furniture for your home; others have a full inventory of furniture, accessories, art, lighting and everything else that is needed to stage a vacant property. I bet you think this is the most expensive option, but it is not. When you factor in the savings from not having to make multiple mortgage payments, and/or steeply reducing the selling price of the home because you left it vacant or badly decorated, the decision to hire a stager becomes pretty obvious.

So now you know how to sell your house FAST…You Stage it!

If you live in the St.
Paul area and would like the help of a professional home stager I’d be happy to help you with your project.  I have a full line of furniture, art, accessories to perfectly stage your property. If you have questions relating to this post, please drop me a comment and I will do my best to respond quickly. You may contact me by email or call me at 651.587.5887.

There are more articles about How to Sell a Vacant Home through Staging on Christi’s blog.