Take A Quiz: Are You A Good Candidate For a Room Makeover?

Take A Quiz: Are You A Good Candidate For a Room Makeover?

I live in St Paul, Minnesota.  Most northerners like me spend a lot of time indoors in the winter and that can lead to a bit of cabin fever. If you like home design the way I do, you might find that giving a room in your house a room makeover will help chase those blues away.

When doing a room makeover (sometimes called room redesign) we will use the furniture, accessories, art, and lighting that you already own and rearrange them to create a brand new look and a room that provides the function or functions that you desire for the space.

Room Makeover (One Day Redesign)  is very different from interior design. Interior design usually starts with a blank slate. An interior designer will design a room from the ground up. The interior designer and the client then go out and purchase the furniture and accessories that are needed to create the room.  Interior design is a lengthy and expensive process.On the other hand,room makeovers are usually completed in less than a day and  are very affordable. The only cost is the redesigner’s fee and maybe a few new accessories to complete the look.

I am a professional home stager and room makeover specialist.  Here are some questions that I ask prospective clients to see if a room makeover would be a good idea for them.

Is It Time for A Room Makeover?   Test Your Readiness

If you find that you are a good candidate for doing a room makeover and if you live in the Twin Cities metro area please give me a call at 651.587.5887 to schedule a makeover appointment today. You can also reach me by email.

Trick or Treat…Fright Night For Some Homeowners!

Trick or Treat…Fright Night For Some Homeowners!

HEADLINE:  St Paul, MN Homeowners Are Scared To Open Their Doors….It’s the NEIGHBORS!

Hire an Interior Redesigner to prepare for family and friends during the holidays.Darn those little rascals that need to be accompanied to the door by their parents…they are taking all the fun out of this great holiday.

If opening your front door to trick or treaters and allowing the neighbors to see your living room is scarier than a cemetery full of vampires you should consider hiring an Interior Room ReDesigner.

With interior room redesign you can get a brand new look for your home using the furniture and accessories that you already own…it’s fast, fun, and affordable.

Don’t let the thought of all your friends and family visiting you on Thanksgiving Day fill you with foreboding rather than thanks.  If you are a St Paul, MN homeowner and you are scared to open you door tonight….call for a design intervention right away!


Video Sampler of Amazing Transformations

A video tour of before and after photos demonstrating how Home Staging can make an amazing transformation to your room.